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i love valentine’s day.

i’ve been single for the last 8 valentine’s days. and i absolutely love valentine’s day.

and not in an apathetic “singles awareness day” type of love. i love, love valentine’s day. next to halloween & my birthday, it’s my favorite holiday. okay, well i really just like holidays in general.

to celebrate, i like to spend the day doing all of my favorite things – all the things i love smushed into 24 hours.

this year, my day included:

  • the new boots i’ve been eyeing online finally on sale!
  • my favorite band shirt { interpol } and my wear-once-a-year red converse with hearts
  • chocolate-covered goodness from my parents + little bro
  • red & white roses
  • princess bride wine: as you wish white & inconceivable cabernet
  • bright red velvet flats
  • a beautiful evening at the dog park with my bella bear
  • cheap yet enduring manicures in silver glitter
  • glee @ the drafthouse with my sister
  • black keys + garbage tickets for april

a lot of this valentine’s included treating myself to a day’s worth of purchases. but i also started to think about all of the other things i wanted to do but couldn’t squeeze into one day: hiking with the bella; visiting an art gallery or three; reading for hours with a great green tea; painting; yoga and zumba and sushi.

i realized how ridiculous it is to just shove my favorite things into a few days a year. what’s preventing me from doing something i love every single day – or at least once a week? i can’t say that i’ve come through with this over the last few weeks, but it’s stayed in the back of my mind. what are the favorite things that you never make time for?