30 to Thirty

on december 28, 2014 i will turn 30 years old.

let’s just say – i’m not ready.

life has not been exactly what i expected so far. but i’m choosing to get ready. and because i love a good to do list, i’m creating a list of 30 things i want to am going to complete before i turn 30.

  1. host a functional, relevant & regularly updated blog.
  2. get a tattoo.
  3. learn how to rock climb.
  4. run a half-marathon. 5K
  5. dye my hair blonde.
  6. take the GRE.
  7. pay off all my debt to date: car, credit card & undergraduate loans.
  8. weigh 130 pounds be a healthy weight again.
  9. experience another great first kiss.
  10. publish an original work.
  11. see Placebo in concert.. even if they don’t tour the US again.
  12. tell my story.
  13. date and/or be a pedi-cab driver.
  14. ride a unicycle.
  15. do a handstand & flip flop.
  16. feel confident in the kitchen: know how to “whip something up” or just “add a pinch of this”.
  17. read the complete works of Shakespeare.
  18. take african drumming lessons. { Come Drum for Fun }
  19. attempt to salsa and/or swing hip hop dance.
  20. take a real vacation – outside of Texas with absolutely NO work. { mostly no work }
  21. read the Bible cover to cover.. or at least the New Testament.
  22. see Dave Matthews in another state. { Hartford Connecticut }
  23. do a yoga inversion pose.
  24. learn how to grill a great steak.
  25. complete training for Bella to be a Book Buddy and/or therapy dog.
  26. build a house with Habitat for Humanity.
  27. get another tattoo.
  28. apply for graduate school.
  29. travel overseas: Italy, Thailand, South Africa.. anywhere.
  30. conquer a fear.

as you can see, this list is a work in progress for now. i’m very open to suggestions!


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