28 Years

over the last 28 years, i’ve been a lot of things.

a fun sister. a horrible daughter.

a loyal friend. an exceptional enemy.

a mediocre athlete. an overweight couch potato.

idealistic & ambitious. anxious & withdrawn.

a few people have loved me. some people have hated me.

most people don’t remember me.

but there’s one thing i’ve never been called: reckless. while i’ve had my fair share of impulsive decisions { and hair cuts } for the most part i’ve stayed away from anything truly dangerous. i’ve kept my life safe.

okay, let’s be honest – i’ve kept my life pretty boring. i’ve got lots of ideas & plans.. and absolutely no follow through. i’ve come to the realization that while i’ve had a good life, i have missed out on a lot.

and more importantly, while i’ve been busy talking myself out of things, i’ve missed out on what God has planned for me. i’ve let fear rule my life. now, i’m trying to relinquish control, get a little crazy, say “yes!” a little more and see where i end up at the end of 3 years.

needless to say, i’m pretty excited.

..and by excited, i mean terrified.


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